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What to do(ughnut) about the economy?

Traditionally development goes hand in hand with economic growth and the health of nations is measured in monetary terms through gross domestic product (GDP). However, it is evident by looking at the current state of the world that economic growth is not enough to provide basic human rights such as health, water, and food, nor […]

Greenwashing – Paint it Green

In my hometown there is an old company which is somehow still working. The company has a wall which separates the factory grounds from the street and which turned out to be quite suitable for street art. As the number of factory workers went down and the labour rights of those still working decreased, the […]

Global challenges – local solutions

It is often said that climate challenges are global, but the emissions and solutions are local. Each municipality council around the world holds some of the most important keys to unlocking the threats to our future. Let me give you some examples from my home town, Gothenburg, in western Sweden. Encompassing Scandinavia’s biggest port and […]

Who sanctions the political debates?

In our societies, men are brought up with phenomenal ignorance, reflected into whole spectrum of insecurities and whenever woman speaks of her experience, it is ultimately perceived as attempt of indoctrination.  This irrational fear tends to tone down or delegitimize the debate on gender equality. This amplification mechanism is embedded in our political practices too […]

Gender equality in Serbian politics

Politician, politician, woman, politician, politician, women, …. The (mis)use of mathematics for successful avoidance of true gender equality Gender equality is term very well known in Serbian politics, but there its prevalence stops. Recent general elections withheld on 24th April, confirmed that political parties are ready to meet legal requirements but have no initiative to […]

Climate change resilience strategies a tool towards achieving SDGs

Every country needs to review its progress towards achieving sustainable developments goals by assessing challenges facing its policies in combatting climate change. There is a need for continued technical support, close monitoring of the implementation of all commitments, adequate resource mobilization and mainstreaming of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their targets and indicators within the strategy. […]