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Climate financing as Gender equality catalyst[1]

Relations between climate change and gender equality are more and more in the focus. A lot (but not nearly enough) has already been said about disproportional effects that climate change have on women, who constitute the majority of the population already affected by climate change or being under the direct threat. Worldwide, women have less […]

A legally binding international treaty on climate change should be the ultimate target

Marrakech, Morocco hosted the22nd Conference of Parties for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC)-COP22 between 7th-18th November 2016. This conference also acted as the first session of the conference of Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA 1), which entered into force on 4th November. Several world leaders and state representatives recommitted themselves […]

Don’t give EU aid money to arms companies

The EU commission has presented a 100 million EUR proposal, using for first time, the EU budget for strengthening the military in third countries. The idea is to help fund poorer countries’ military in the fields of training, mentoring and to provide infrastructural military services. This new EU policy is officially called “capacity building in […]

Work, work, work, work, or?

We live in a society of achievement and performance, where saying “yes, of course I can” is the default and having a fully booked calendar is a sign of success. You achieve more, produce more, pushing towards the top because whatever you want you can get if you work hard enough. Team that up with […]

Partnerships for a sustainable development

In order to understand the Green movement in Eastern Europe one must look at it from a wider perspective. The democratic systems in the region’s countries have been taking constant turns in the last couple of decades, and their governments have been gradually, but surely reducing public liberties.  Continued use of nationalism and hatred are […]

Concerning the referendum in Hungary

In a referendum recently a majority of Hungarians voted against the EU decision on quota resettlement of migrants. The low participation in the referendum, though, makes the result less credible. And even if a majority of all Hungarians would have voted no, it is doubtful what difference the result would have made for the relations […]

Guatemala y su vulnerabilidad ante el cambio climatico – Guatemala’s vulnerability to climate change

(eng translation below) El pasado mes de agosto 2016 se celebró en Guatemala el Encuentro sobre Agricultura Orgánica y adaptación al Cambio Climático. En dicho encuentro hubo varias disertaciones sobre los temas, destacando desde el interés nacional, el tema de la vulnerabilidad ante el Cambio Climático que amenaza al país, expuesto por Roberto Cáceres del […]