Presentation Manijeh Mehdiyar

I am East and West, citizen and refugee. Sociologist and PhD candidate at the University of Gothenburg.

A member of the Green Party in Gothenburg. My political duties: member of the Regional Council in Region Västra Götaland, First Deputy Chairman at the Health Care Committee in Gothenburg.  Member of the board for social issues in the Gothenburg region.

I dream of a world where all people have equal opportunities for a decent life, free from oppression and injustice. A world where people are not counted as numbers and quality of life and happiness is measured beyond the material values, a sustainable world for all and for our next generations.

My column is my voice on human rights, environmental justice, social cohesion Peace building, intersectional feminism, anti-militarism, anti-racism.

/Manijeh Mehdiyar

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